current position:Home>In order to seize the capacity of 5nm chips, AMD will pay an advance payment of US $6.5 billion to TSMC, grofangde and other suppliers; Germany will adopt stricter antitrust rules for Google meta

In order to seize the capacity of 5nm chips, AMD will pay an advance payment of US $6.5 billion to TSMC, grofangde and other suppliers; Germany will adopt stricter antitrust rules for Google meta

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Flash memory pollution leads to heavy losses : Western number Q3 The financial report showed a loss of 2 Billion dollars

5 month 9 Daily news , In this year 2 month , Western Digital and its production partner Kaixia said , Due to the contamination of flash chip production materials , This led to the shutdown of two joint-venture factories in Japan's triple Prefecture and Iwate Prefecture . At that time, western mathematics estimated that the accident lost at least 6.5EB Flash memory (1EB=1024PB ,1PB=1024TB) , In the follow-up further investigation, it is confirmed that the loss is up to 7EB.2 month , The supply chain revealed Meguiar's notice NAND Both contract and spot prices of chips will rise . The contract price has risen 17% To 18%, The spot price rose to 25%, This is known about NAND The highest price increase of chips . Jerry, executive vice president of Western Digital global customer organization ・ Kagel is also 2 month 14 Inform its customers of , Announce an immediate increase in all Flash product price , But the extent of the increase was not revealed .

TrendForce Jibang consulting and evaluation , Affected by pollution events ,NAND Flash Prices will rise in the second quarter 5~10%.

Now three months have passed , In the nearest West 2022 The third quarter financial report of the fiscal year shows that :Q3 Quarterly flash bit Year on year growth in shipments 9%, But it fell month on month 14%, The main reason is flash memory pollution , The loss is about 2 Billion dollars . Besides , West digital said the previously announced reduction in flash memory availability 7EB Still the exact number .(IT The home of )


Google Meta Are on the list , Germany will apply stricter antitrust rules to it

In recent days, , German competition regulator Federal Cartel Office (FCO) The announcement said , Officially recognized Facebook parent company Meta It is an operator with significant cross market competitive influence , The latest revision of the 《 Against the competition restriction law 》 The first 19a Stipulated in article , Will be subject to more stringent ex ante regulation .

according to the understanding of , The Tenth Amendment to the act was made in 2021 year 1 Officially effective in . Newly added 19a Clause make FCO Have the right to have a core position in multiple markets , Enterprises have a dominant position in the market but not in the market , And take earlier measures 、 More effective preventive measures .

FCO Head Andreas · Montette (Andreas Mundt) In the relevant announcement, it means , have Facebook、Instagram and Whatsapp Of Meta Created a huge digital social media ecosystem . Investigation shows ,Meta Critical to the entire market , This influence is also within the framework of competition law regulation . Based on this ,FCO Think that the amendment bill gives new “ Tools ” Can more effectively intervene in potential competition violations . Besides , He also revealed Meta Abandon the appeal against this decision .( Nanfang Metropolis Daily )


Chip talent job hopping and salary increase 50%

For nearly a year or two “ Chip shortage ”, Make the demand for chip talents more and more tight . It is reported that 2023 Around the year , The talent gap of the whole industry will reach 20 ten thousand . A headhunter said , The last two years , Wages in the chip industry are generally rising 30%-50% about . Startups will charge higher prices in order to recruit talents , It's all up 50% about .”( Sina science and technology )


For preemption 5nm Chip capacity ,AMD To TSMC 、 Grofangde and other suppliers pay 65 $billion advance payment

5 month 9 - , According to the electronic times ,AMD Quarterly report display , For the rest of the year , The company must report to TSMC 、 Total paid by grofand and other suppliers 65 $billion advance payment . It was previously reported that , NVIDIA plans to pay 100 More than $ , TSMC is required to provide support for its upcoming GPU Provide 5nm And more advanced processes .

AMD since 2022 Since, a series of 6nm CPU and GPU product , TSMC is its only OEM partner . Due to the close cooperation with TSMC ,AMD It is expected to be as early as 9 In June, TSMC was introduced 5nm A new generation of processors manufactured by process technology .

As report goes , Contract with TSMC to produce flagship processors , Already in AMD Played an active role in the competition with competitors such as Intel and NVIDIA . since 2019 Since then ,AMD On a laptop 、 The market share of desktop and server processors is increasing .

Regarding this ,AMD、 Both Intel and NVIDIA have to adjust and revise their strategy and product roadmap , To cope with the rising competitiveness of several other companies , For example, seize the advanced process capacity of TSMC , To make their 5nm And the following 5nm product .( Product play )


ZTE :2021 The annual shipment volume of the terminal exceeds 1 Billion parts , among 50% Adopt self-developed chip

5 month 9 Daily news , This afternoon , ZTE held Axon40 New series launch . Ni Fei, President of ZTE terminal business unit, said ,2021 The annual shipment volume of the terminal exceeds 1 Billion parts , among 50% Adopt self-developed chip . The overall revenue of consumer business has reached 257.3 Billion , Year-on-year growth 59.2%. The revenue of mobile phone products increased by nearly 40%, The year-on-year growth of household terminal revenue exceeded 80%.

Ni Fei pointed out , stay 2021 year , ZTE terminal has won the first of two double materials in the world .2021 ZTE terminal 5G CPE The market share ranks first in the world , Become CPE The first brand in the market . Household end products have also achieved explosive growth , Cumulative shipments 5.8 Billion , The world's largest share . meanwhile , Ni Fei said “ ZTE ‘1+2+N’ The whole scene intelligent ecology has begun to take shape ”.IT Home learned , Ni Fei 4 In the last ten days of the month, he said , Next few years , ZTE will continue to strengthen “1+2+N” The ecological layout of . This year, end products will challenge 1.5 Million shipments , Year-on-year growth 50% The goal of . In the future, we will continue to invest , Maintain a high compound growth rate .(IT The home of )


The accumulated electricity of the platform is cut off 、Arm Not authorized , Russia 2 The chip factory may stop production

5 month 9 Daily news , Russian media 《 Business people report 》 Reports said , Include Baikal Electronics、JSC MCST、STC Modul and MTC Elvis So Russian processor manufacturers are already 3 Sanctions were imposed in January , All foreign partners must contact the U.S. Department of Commerce's Bureau of industry and security (BIS) Coordinate the supply of its technical products to Russian companies .

Besides , The UK will also introduce Russian processor manufacturers MCST and Baikal Electronic inclusion in the sanctions list , The latter happens to use British companies Arm Technology license for processor architecture .

allegedly ,2 The assets of semiconductor manufacturers are not only frozen , Moreover, the licensing and technical services provided by British enterprises will also be strictly controlled , They will not be able to use Arm Of IP Architecture to develop processors , This will limit future chip development work . In addition, the wafer foundry such as TSMC is out of Supply , Some experts complained , Unless the manufacturer finds a manufacturer that violates the patent law , Or turn to open architecture , Otherwise, it will face shutdown .

IT Home learned , Previously authorized IP And technology are not affected , This time mainly involves Arm new IP.(IT The home of )

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